Buying a new computer to suit your requirements

Buying a new computer is not something you do everyday. It’s important to make the right choice and understand why you need a computer.  Is it simply to browse the web and exchange e-mails with your friends or to do more important work such as documents and spreadsheets?  If you’re into big time work such as designing 3D graphics and gaming, you will need to set your sights high and go beyond the basics   to search for a desktop PC that will provide you with maximum performance.

A Gaming computer will have inbuilt graphic cards and over clocked CPUs but in most cases you will need    additional memory in your desktop PC to enable multiple applications to run smoothly at the same time. Although it is never a problem to upgrade computer RAM after you have purchased the computer, its better to buy one that has sufficient computer RAM inbuilt in to the system. Failure to do this will mean your machine will start slowing down and the time taken   to carry out advance tasks such as video editing and Photoshop will intensify.

A new computer motherboard too can be greatly helpful in providing advance new technology to your machine. When looking for a motherboard that suits your requirements, check whether it has at least a couple of USB ports on the front of the case for your digital camera, audio player and flash drive. This is apart from the ports you would need for other accessories such as an external hard drive, printer or any other accessories you might wish to add later on. If you’re hoping to have more than the usual number of components on your machine, you will have to buy a computer motherboard that has enough space to fit them.

Modern computers are built with a high capacity hard drive and it would not be a problem for a customer to find a PC with a drive of anything from 200GB to 500GB. High end hard drives however are exorbitantly priced and if you’re hoping to store a huge amount of data in your machine such as multi media files and digital images, you will definitely need an external hard drive with a capacity of at least 750GB to store all your data.

In the early days, people used to take their computer monitors for granted because a desktop had only a CRT monitor and there was no competition as such.  Today’s computer users however are much knowledgeable on all aspects of a monitor and realize   that a monitor with high resolution is always better especially if they’re  into advanced tasks such as creating graphics or high end video applications. When buying a new monitor, it’s better to think in terms of a 22 inch wide screen LCD monitor that will ensure better clarity and optimal resolution for the greatest viewing pleasure.

Gaming fans are usually very particular about gaming computer cases and prefer to have them customized rather than buy the boring aluminum or steel case available in the market.  Today, its not unheard of many computer geeks to build their own weird and wonderful gaming computer cases that would look more at home in an Art Deco exhibition than at a home or office in view of their incredibly beautiful designs and LED lighting that lights up the interior of the case which is made visible as a result of the see through material the  gaming computer cases are made of.

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