Computer components and the various tasks they carry out

It is possible for a consumer of today to buy any type of computer he needs for his personal or office work. The number of computers, designs and their capacities are so varied that it can be quite confusing for the average user to know what type of computer is best for him and what components should be included to make his tasks easier to complete.

In actual fact there’s not much difference in today’s desktop PC and a workstation computer. The latter is the same as the former but is connected to a server and has more capabilities than the average desktop PC.  The term workstation computer was more applicable in the early days when the desktop was not as advanced as it is today. In the same way, the monitors we had in our old PCs are quite different to what we have today.

The best and most popular of them being the LED monitor which has best picture quality and is great for playing games and for presentations.  Its high contrast and energy saving features are ideal for homes and for the purpose of watching movies with high end graphics or to present a professionally polished business presentation.   It is however the graphics card that is responsible for generating the images on the LED monitorand consists of a chip that is integrated into the motherboard.

For dedicated gamers, the simple Graphics card inbuilt in to a new computer might not be sufficient in which case, you will have to upgrade your machine by adding a high quality graphics card to play games, create graphics and run multimedia programs at speed.  Before you go looking for a card, you must check what type of card will work in your computer and also compatible with the motherboard.

The motherboard can be classified as the backbone of the computer and each and every component in your computer is connected to it in one way or other. Whether you’re looking for ways to upgrade your computer or thinking of building your computer you should center it round the motherboard which will be the most important component.    Technology keeps advancing at such a rate that it’s not difficult to find a cheap motherboard that is functional.  You should be able to find a cheap motherboard of an older model but make sure you can use it with the rest of the accessories and hardware you already have.

Most people can do their tasks with the hard drive inbuilt into computers today with a reasonably priced machine providing a drive of up to 500GB. High end hard drives are always very expensive and unless you need one for some specific work such as digital video editing or to create complex graphics, you wouldn’t need a hard drive bigger than 80GB. But those who work on large spreadsheets, data bases and music files will need a hard drive that will provide them with plenty of space for their work.

It is the same with the sound card and the one inbuilt into your computer should be more than enough for your general work. Modern computer motherboards offer high quality sound when compared to the older types. This type of sound card should be more than sufficient for an office and if you feel it’s not up to standard you can always add speakers to provide a better quality sound.

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