Holidays and a Short Term Car Insurance Policy

When many people go on a holiday, they will often use a car that is not their own in order to get a more personal experience of the destination area. Sometimes these cars turn out to be not very reliable. They can be either old or have mechanical problems. If you are using a car that is not your own when you are on a holiday, there is now short term car insurance that you can purchase.

Short term insurance is insurance that you purchase by the day or up to 11 months and 30 days. Anything longer than that then the insurance becomes an annual policy. There are several companies which offer this type of insurance for cars or vans. This type of insurance is often used when renting a car while on holiday or adding another driver to the vehicle.

Short- term car insurance policies cover you while you have temporary use of a vehicle. Coverage can start on the date agreed upon or immediately. Cancellation of short-term insurance policies is usually completed with a written request to cancel the policy.

The benefit of having this type of insurance is that you can select short term insurance to insure a car or van that is a separate insurance policy that does not impact on the vehicle owner’s annual policy in the event that you have to file claim. You will also have the benefit of breakdown coverage for the set period of the short term insurance. It does not take long to acquire this type of insurance and the process of securing the insurance is simple. As well, the policy one obtains can include multiple cars that are used on a temporary basis. Short term policies can be acquired even if one has a long term car insurance policy and will not affect that policy.

Short term car insurance is paid as a monthly premium, or you can pay the total amount before you go on your holiday. The amount you pay will depend on the coverage that you want. There are many online companies that sell short term car insurance. You can purchase the insurance through the secure payment process and print off the short term insurance policy. The insurance offered can vary among insurance providers so you should shop around. The policy you purchase should include liability insurance personal injury and property damage. Comprehensive insurance is a popular choice for many people. The insurance you purchase may possibly include roadside assistance and medical coverage. The cost is much cheaper than renting a car. Short term car insurance policies normally do not include coverage for repairs.

Acquiring short term car insurance when you go on your next holiday will allow you to use someone else’s car with comprehensive coverage so that if you have to make a claim, it will not affect another persons insurance. If your plans require the use of another vehicle that is not your own, then short term car insurance may be the right solution.

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