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Short Term Car Insurance
In the homeowners and household insurance market, the main influencing factor is fraud. Some estimate are that six to 10 percent of short term insurance claims are fraudulent. That amounts to more than R2 billion each year. …  read more…

What happens when you get renters insurance?
Homeowners Insurance And Car Insurance Auto Insurance Quotes. Get The Lowest Rates And Quotes For Insurance For You Car And Home. Subscribe to RSS. Subscribe via RSS … But you will have to prove ownership when you file a claim, so you should save the receipts of important and expensive items, and you should take pictures of everything you own. Before you get insurance coverage, make a list of everything, and estimate how much everything is worth. …  read more…

For life insurance: guide to home insurance
Don’t report damage to your insurance company unless you intend to file a claim. It could lead to higher premiums or dropped coverage. (See “Insurers keep a secret history of your home.”) Insurance companies have access to several …  read more…

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Homeowners Insurance FAQ
Backdated homeowners Insurance Policy?The homeowners insurance on my home expired and i was unaware. The company admit that they cannot verify they sent me anything to let me know that…  read more…

How Much Is Your Credit Score Costing You?
While some surveys show that 9 out of 10 consumers are unaware what their credit score is, I’d like to quickly share with you how your credit score could be costing you a fortune (in more ways tha…  read more…

Do I Need Holiday Insurance, or Is My Homeowners Insurance Good Enough?
As well insured consumers, we sometimes forget to be as careful with our belongings as we might otherwise be. After all, if our car gets cleaned out our homeowners insurance is going to cover it, righ…  read more…

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 The Risks of Faking a Home Insurance Claim
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 Homeowners hit a new Ike claim obstacle
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 Filing Homeowners Insurance Claim Forms
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 Successfully Filing Homeowners Insurance Claim Forms
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 Filing Homeowners Insurance Claim Forms
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